Friday, 3 September 2010

Casual comfort

gina tricot shirt
mango dress
gina tricot satchel
river island boots

photos by tasha

Just a normal casual outfit for a change.. something I wore out shopping.. I am still dying over the boots a little bit.. people believe that they're actual burberry.. I do as well them.

and wohooo for my new wardrobe that was done today! some that follow me on twitter might have seen some pictures already.. Now I just have to fill it up (easy part) and also good news for you... I am going to have a massive wardrobe clear out and as soon as I get some order to this little flat of mine, I'll be listing a lot of new stuff in the store.. so that in just a few days...

to some that have been asking for the topshop waistcoat that I wore backwards.. I guess it's sold out online, but I have seen it in stores here in london and it's quite new.. I promise to keep an eye on it and let you know if it goes back online.. 


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