Monday, 15 August 2011

Diy dries hair

Finally a little diy that I have been planning... I've tried two different versions but I guess it can be done many ways.. the diy side of my brain started running wild when I saw this last spring, thinking how I could recreate the simple look of a metal hair ring... after a few days it finally occurred to me to use napkin rings! I did some shopping at the kitchen department and found surprisingly many rings and gadgets to pass as hair accessories..

1. I straightened my hair in the morning and left it for a day to not have it too sleek. Then without brushing I pulled my hair to the side and twisted it to get the ring all the way up.

2. I used a tube formed cast, meant for baking.. by pulling my hair tight while twisting, I pushed the tube up

3. Then I adjusted the height, leaving it semi loose. My hair is thick enough to keep the tube put but it can also be done with first tying a thin hairband around your hair, then pulling the tube ontop of it

4. done!

I also had to try a more sleek version, as I came across this silver ring that is used around wine bottles to prevent the drops from running drown the bottle neck.. the padding on the inside is great to not cause damage to you precious locks.

1. tie your hair first, then like before work the ring up by twisting your hair and adjust to wanted height

2. wear it either as a high ponytail or more casually loose.

I bought some thinner napkin rings to maybe try stacking a few... some have an opeing which would be even easier, and then of course there's a million different kinds to choose from including some in forms of ducks..... but I'll leave that to the man repeller to cover.

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