Wednesday, 31 August 2011

My hair routine

My daily hair routine is surprisingly easy.. I've never really had the patience or interest to spend too much time on it, as I tend to want to keep it mostly natural. I've inherited the thick locks from my father.. don't get me wrong he's hair is about an inch long but has no signs of baldness. So no extensions needed and I am forever grateful.

I've had everything from black hair to short hair but during the past 5 years I've been adding highlights to work towards restoring the original blond shade, while keeping the lenght.. in fact I think a dreaded touch-up might be in order again..

I wash my hair about 3 times a week with John Frieda curly shampoo and conditioner, even if I don't have super curly hair, it enhances and defines the waves.. I do this at night and them I go to bed with wet hair...

In the morning I look like a troll but I'm mostly fine with that. To get shine and definition I use this Dreamcoat spay that's actually made for horses... (yess really) works wonders and as a tangle teezer, but unless you want to be moonwalking for the next 3 months, apply it over a bathtub or outside because it makes your floor very slippery!

To get more definition to the curls I occasionally spay my dry hair with a mix for water and sea salt.

But now let's introduce the dry shampoo. If you are not using it yet, this product will change your life. I use Batiste, they sell it at drugstores in a million different colours and fragrances. I go through about a bottle a week and it could not be better value for money, as it only costs a few pounds! I use it every single day in the roots of my hair, it gives a newly washed look and a matte finish. I love this stuff!!!!

So there you have it, I aim for the most natural look and sometimes it even means using products made for animals, but what could be more natural than that.

Hope you liked it! If there is something hair realted you would like to ask.. you can do it on twitter.


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