Thursday, 2 February 2012

Check the 90's

acne shirt
zara jacket
isabel marant pants
alexander wang shoes
ray ban sunnies

It's so ridiculously cold here in Turkey, I had to reschedule most of my shootings as the snow on the background can always be photoshopped out, but goosebumped skin and a pissed off face is another story. Anyway it looks like a nice warm sunshine right? so let's just go with that for now. I finally got to wear my new pants! after a few rounds of adding, deleting then adding back again these to my online shopping cart I decided that checks are forever and that was the end of the denial story. After being a bit bored with checks on shirts I think they look quite nice on a pair of skinny cropped pants! adding a little sportness with a Zara sale find jacket, and my dearest Wang heels that are great for photos and sitting down, nothing else.

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